Do So Much More with QuickBooks.

It’s important to know where your business stands. Nearly 70 percent of users say QuickBooks helped them be more profitable.

You can track every dollar coming in and out of your business with in-depth reports. Instantly create invoices, track payments and manage expenses.

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  1. How to use QuickBooks with your type of business
  2. Efficient use of:
      1. Forms
      2. Lists
      3. Registers
  3. Using the Open Windows list
  4. Customizing the Menu Bar
  5. Using the Icon Bar
  6. Using the Shortcut List
  7. Save money with the Reminders List
  8. Using the Help Window
  9. Protecting your data
  10. Overview of new features.

New features for QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 include:

  • Company Snapshot- allows you to easily stay on top of your cash flow by giving you a graph of income and expenses.
  • FREE Company Website that can help you attract new customers.
  • Multi-Currency Support that allows you to easily buy and sell internationally.

QuickBooks Training prerequisites

No knowledge of finances or accounting is needed to use QuickBooks. Students should, however, have a basic knowledge of the computer operating system, know how to move files around, create folders or directories, copy files to and from disks, and run applications.